BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Retro-Cool ‘Night and Day’ Video From Iceland’s Vök


At this point, as Icelandic bands go, it’s perhaps much hipper to hail from the port town of Hafnarfjörður than it is from Reykjavik. And so the captivating electronic trio Vök would seem to intrigue by the very uniqueness of their origin – sort of like being from Bristol, rather than London.

In fact, the band actually cite Bristol legends Massive Attack and Portishead as influences; though their new single “Night and Day” more reminds of the cool electro-disco of fellow Icelanders Gus Gus – with an overarching slick, late-’80s synth-pop feel. The accompanying video, which BlackBook premieres here, also nods to that decade’s taste for visually striking “performance” style shoots.

Yet despite Vök’s obvious aesthetic appeal, it’s genuinely a first for them.

Charismatic frontwoman Margrét Rán confirms, “We’ve never done an ‘old school’ band video, and we thought we’d give it a try.”

Director Geoff McAuliffe believed that the format would indeed reveal something about them: “We feel that the video shows a glimpse of the essence of what the band is about, in the atmosphere of an ’80s TV studio type environment.”

American fans were able to catch them live recently during Taste of Iceland in New York; but they’ll also be appearing at the Iceland Airwaves festival this week in Reykjavik. An as yet unnamed new album will be released in early 2019.


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