BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: PublicART’s Ethereal New Single ‘Montreux’


You may not yet have heard of PublicART just yet, but the Silverlake duo of Stevvi Alexander and Jan Ozveren have individually played musical sidekick to the considerable likes of Frank Ocean, Macy Gray, Shakira…even Fleetwood Mac. He is also the touring guitarist for Charlie Puth; she is with the touring production for the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience (yes, that’s a thing).

And while their own music has shown the influence of Americana and R&B, there has been an apparent deepening of interest in electronics – something that will surely be front and center on their upcoming Modernika EP…which is set for release September 21.



In the lead up, BlackBook premieres here the new single “Montreux,” named for the ethereal Swiss town in which Freddie Mercury spent so much of his final years. The track is a paradigm of romantic, gossamer synth-pop, with Stevvi’s transcendental vocal performance lyrically pondering impermanence and otherworldliness.

“‘Montreux’ is the kind of song you can get lost in,” she says. “It’s transportive, visual and almost feels meditative. It always seems to take me out of the moment I’m in and deliver me to a much cooler, melodic landscape. The track sounds simple because space is built into it, but it’s actually quite complex and crafty.”

As if it need be said, there are few things we need more right now than being transported to somewhere cooler…and more melodic.


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