BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Provocative New Trishes Single ‘Hydra’


The Lernaean Hydra was an aquatic serpentine creature of Greek mythology, who dwelled in the Lerna in the Argolid – which was said to be the entrance to the Underworld.

“Hydra” also happens to be the name of the provocative new single by exotic LA songstress Trishes. And should you consider not quite taking her seriously enough, in the song she lyrically warns, “I’ve got a head like a Hydra / Baby don’t make me remind you / Sparks in the dark, welcome to the resistance.”

Uh huh.

“Hydra explores the role that creativity plays in human existence,” she explains. “In the macro sense, humanity developed creativity out of necessity. Without sharp teeth or fast legs or fur coats, our minds grew and adapted.”

Indeed, one is instantly reminded of English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s immortal 1839 quote, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”



Trishes continues, “In the micro sense, humanity even still finds creativity in necessity. The most brilliant art and music and literature is born out of oppression or in the face of necessary change. This is why I liken creativity to the Hydra, the Greek mythological creature whose head, if cut off, would grow two in its place.”

BlackBook enthusiastically premieres here the decidedly sensual new video for “Hydra,” which features some steamy, ritualistic dancing and classically inspired fashions – by Alex Benaim’s More Rockin label.

“It’s one of my favorite lines,” the singer enthuses, “and a beautiful mix of her Moroccan heritage and American style – which I thought was really fitting given the genesis of the song. Since a Hydra is one body with several heads, I wanted the looks to be unified but each have a distinct personality. I also needed the clothing to move really effortlessly to enhance the serpentine feel of Kalbe Isaacson’s choreography.”

“Hydra” will be available this Friday across all digital platforms. And to fete its release, Trishes will play LA’s Peppermint Club on Saturday the 22rd.

Hydra Collaboration Credits
Clothing: More Rockin (Alex Benaim)
Jewelry: Hot Rocks
Director: Tamara Arroba 


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