BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Provocative New Jack Drag Single ‘Bloody Noses’

Image by JUCO


The truncated alter-ego of John Dragonetti (who is one half of The Submarines with Blake Hazard) Jack Drag has actually been silent for 16 years now. But come September 14, a long-awaited new album, somehow appropriately titled 2018, will at last see the light of day via Burger Records.

In the meanwhile, BlackBook premieres here the striking new advance single “Bloody Noses.” It’s not an exaggeration to say that the melancholy but exceedingly hook-laden track, with its majestic harmonies, galloping rhythm and widescreen atmospherics, would not be out of place on The Beatles’ Revolver. But it’s actually distinctly 21st Century, with its audacious lyrical philosophizing – “Baby’s gotta hold strong / She’s gotta fight ’em every day / Those boys are really gonna pay” – on fearless female empowerment.

“The subject of the song is a badass,” Dragonetti explains, “and she isn’t going to take shit. But with empowerment comes introspection and feeling alone at times…thus the ‘what if nobody knows?’ breakdown in the song.”

This, along with an earlier single, “Little Lies” (co-written with Aimee Mann), has us distinctly excited for the full album. You should be too.


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