BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Provocative New Claptone Video for ‘Stronger’ ft. Ben Duffy from Fenech Soler

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Image by Andreas Waldschütz


While a certain President of the United States is busy alienating our European allies, it seems only appropriate to turn to more artistic détentes.

And so it is that BlackBook premieres here the intriguing new video for the latest single “Stronger,” by exalted German DJ-producer Claptone. Featuring a sultry vocal by Ben Duffy of beloved Brit electropoppers Fenech-Soler, the track itself is a paradigm of sultry, soulful Euro-house. The deliciously wicked clip, which seems at first to be documenting the anticipation leading up to a romantic rendezvous, later takes something of a terrifying turn – albeit in the sexiest way imaginable.

“‘Stronger’ is a summer song, no doubt,” explains Claptone. “Ben Duffy sings about a simple story of an unshakable connection between two people. Even when no one else can see it and at times you are both tested, your sense of reality and worth are magnified when this person simply steps closer to you. You become stronger in this special person’s presence.”


Image by Andreas Waldschütz


He then turns a bit more philosophical, seeking to give the song a more socio-political context.

“There’s a certain beauty in life and the illogical,” he reckons, “the non-economic, the non-monetary, what people often call natural, some others the romantic or disrespectful, the naïve and what I wanna call almost fantastic – when contrasted with the harsh social and political backgrounds of today. In that sense, you are welcome to understand ‘Stronger’ as a call for empowerment, dancing to my beat, believing in dreams of unity, love and peace. As naive as that sounds, it makes our world a better place.”

Claptone recently released via PIAS his excellent sophomore album, Fantast – which features a head-spinning collection of special guests, including Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Joan as a Police Woman and Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke.