BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Poignant New Race the Tide Single ‘New Blood’

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LA multi-instrumentalist and solo artist Jesse Macht had over these last few years created a “home concert salon” series titled “Sunsets At” (similar vibe to Sofar Sounds), which he eventually took on the road, with – we kid you not – Airstream Trailers as a sponsor. It became a thing.

The inspiration of the experience has viscerally fed into his latest and most collaborative project, Race the Tide, which was introduced last month with a stirring new track “The Enemy,” and a self-titled debut album. Now BlackBook premieres the latest single, the chillingly titled “New Blood,” which finds them in a much more introspective mode. Over haunted, seductive guitar riffs, and a mournful sweep of strings, Macht repentantly confesses, “I should know better than to create another heartache again.” Think: Jeff Buckley crossed with Chris Isaak.



“The song came out of a similar sense of doom that the record’s title communicated,” Macht explains. “Even though we know that endings come with new beginnings, and may break our hearts again, we can’t help longing for that scent of ‘New Blood’ – to give in to false naïveté and hope that it may differ the next time around.”

Race the Tide will take the stage at LA’s Hotel Cafe on May 18. But also expect another national tour this spring, dates and cities TBA, and with Airstream again as the sponsor.