BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: New Retro-Modern Design Influenced Pilar Zeta Video for ‘Better Learning’


One of the hallmarks of ’80s style was the Memphis Group design movement, which started in Italy and went on to monumental international influence. Noted for its colorful, provocative, almost kitschy modernism, David Bowie himself was an aficionado – and part of his collection actually was auctioned at Sotheby’s in 2016, following his death.

So, imagine our surprise when this captivating new 3-D animation Pilar Zeta video arrived, paying a sort of affectionate homage to that very style.

Zeta herself is a wide-ranging virtuoso, a multi-media artist who is best known as the touring creative director for Miguel. She was also art director on Coldplay’s 2015 album A Head Full of Dreams.



Her first solo album, Moments of Reality, will be released via Ultramajic on October 5. And the advance single “Better Learning” (which BlackBook premieres here, along with the video) is a fascinating peek at what’s to come. With its lush soundscapes, twinkling synths, and jittery rhythms, it harks back to the electronic music experimentations – Brian Eno, Bill Nelson – of those same early ’80s.

“The song takes place within the imaginary ‘Moments of Reality’ world,” she explains, “where we initiate a binary sequence program to improve learning about different scents. This object is a special filter oil diffuser able to differentiate between thousands of different scents, as we believe the ascended human could communicate with subtle scents. The video showcases the first few pieces of the digital sculptures in choreography.”

Something to think about, certainly.


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