BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: New Antipop Video for ‘Telepatik’ (SUPERMUSIQUE Remix) ft. Betty Black

Image by u4ikstudios


French artist Antipop (née Christophe Hetier) is not only in possession of perhaps the most clever nom de plume in all of music, he is also a founding member of ethereal duo Telepopmusik.

As longtime admirers, then, we were particularly excited for the December release of his new, self-referentially titled single “Telepatik” – especially as it featured Kid Recordings artist Betty Black (otherwise known as KUDU vocalist Sylvia Black – sensing a pattern here?). The new year now brings a wildly eclectic remixes package of that same track, out Friday, February 9, with alluring reworkings by the likes of Alex & Alex Zelenka, Duke B. and Marten Cardona.

To fete the release, BlackBook premieres here the surreal new video for “Telepatik,” by venerated French visual artist Systaime.

“Systaime is a Glitch artist we collaborated with in 2013,” Hetier explains, “to make an alternate video for Telepopmusik’s ‘Fever.’ I recently saw a video treatment he did on some live footage of Sleater Kinney, taken from a riot grrrl documentary, so I asked him to use the same treatment on the original vid by Agvstin, with the SUPERMUSIQUE remix.”

We think you’ll agree, the results are nothing short of mind-bending.


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