BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Mono Mind’s Totally Magical Video For ‘I Found My Soul At Marvingate (Sofa Tunes Remix)’


It seems virtually every music artist these days is splaying themselves all over social media, begging for attention and to be “liked” more than the other, in exchange for offering up any amount of personal and private information (and really, we’re not sure we even need to know what Demi Lovato had for breakfast).

So we’re ever intrigued by those genuinely cultivating secrecy and mystery. And while we do know that Mono Mind are from Sweden, there’s not a whole lot else they’re giving up. In fact, of its four members – Dr Robot, Rain Davis, Bright Jones and miss Cooky Carter – were pretty sure none of them are actually using their real names.

But there is the music. And their debut track, “Save Me A Place (Bridge & Mountain Remix),” debuted at SiriusXM and then shot straight to the #1 electronic music spot at both iTunes and Amazon. It also became something of a sensation on Shazam.

And now BlackBook premieres here the wonderfully outlandish video for follow up single “I Found My Soul at Marvingate (Sofa Tunes Remix)” – which follows on from the Save Me a Place – The Remixes EP. The song itself is a ridiculously hooky slice of exuberant electro-disco – think, Daft Punk crossed with Scissor Sisters. But the Monty Pythonesque video is truly like none other, showing the quartet – actually, their animated avatars – soaring around the world, from sidewalks to ski slopes to parking lots. We watched it about ten times and still couldn’t get enough.

Expect to hear more (and less) from Mono Mind in 2018.


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