BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Luke Sital-Singh’s Poignant New Video for ‘Los Angeles’


In Luke Sital-Singh’s latest single “Los Angeles,” he asks quite directly: “Do we know what we’re looking for?”

It’s a question that’s crossed the minds of most anyone who’s come to L.A. – whether making their first pit stop at a Moon Juice, or having just made it their new home. For Sital-Singh, it’s the latter. He recently took the daring leap across the pond, leaving Bristol, UK for a new nine-oh-something zip code.

“My wife has wanted to move to California for years, but I’ve always been a bit more cautious,” he admits. “Writing this song crystallized my enthusiasm for moving there. It’s probably the most honest and open song on the [new] album. There’s no metaphor or characters. It’s me and Hannah, ‘let’s move to America, I’m scared, you’re not scared, so stay close, ’cause I’m gonna freak out along the way.’”



Sital-Singh’s new album A Golden State will be released April 5, and reveals something of a new approach he’s taken to his music. Known for his distinctly melancholy tunes (he even did a TED Talk on the cathartic effects of writing and performing ‘sad’ songs), he thinks this album has a more “ethereal, positive vibe”.

He had emerged onto the UK scene as someone to watch back in 2012; his first EP landed him a coveted spot on The Guardian’s New Band of the Day, and also made it to BBC Radio. Since then he’s been writing and recording, and even getting some air time on American telly. You may have caught his song “Dark” on Suits, starring one former Angeleno turned Londoner Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

The video shows footage of Sital-Singh wandering through a bleak English day, cut with retro-inspired shots of L.A. landmarks. At one point, he sings about local real estate – “We dream of a house on the Canals” – assuring that he’s well on his way to fully embracing life in La La Land. 


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