BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Love Jerks’ Glam-tastic Single ‘Doing it Our Way’ + Rock Opera Wedding Video

Image by Desiree Pfeiffer


Art rock brings people together in a special way.

Indeed, Bay Area indie scenesters Bryan Garza, frontman of Scissors for Lefty, and Rebecca Garza-Bortman, vocalist-bassist of Happy Fangs and My First Earthquake, shared a love of Bowie and Jarvis Cocker, new wave and glam. And it turned into a love of, well, each other – resulting in their over-the-top “rock opera” of a wedding, which was filmed, lest no one believe it ten years from now. We have the first view of the video below.



Now they also share billing under the ostensibly sardonic moniker Love Jerks – their debut album Million Movies will be released later this autumn. And BlackBook premieres their dazzling new single “Doing it Our Way” – which shows them resolutely wearing their influences on their sleeves. To be sure, with its big, fuzzed-out guitar riffs, thundering drums and quasi-operatic vocals, it harks back to Marc Bolan, Pulp and even Rocky Horror. It’s also something of a personal manifesto.

“‘Doing It Our Way’ might be the only duet ever recorded where you can actually hear the singers get married in the middle of a song,” Garza enthuses. “After I popped the question to Rebecca on stage during a show where both bands were billed, we decided our wedding should be just as rock & roll as our engagement. The logical conclusion, much to their family’s apprehension, was to write and perform eight original songs, cast the family, friends and bandmates, and get married to an epic rock opera.”

Garza-Bortman assures, “Don’t worry, it’s ok if you get misty-eyed when you hear it – just as long as you pull it together and join in for the final chorus.”

We wish them all the best.




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