BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: The Limiñanas Psychedelic New Single ‘Shadow People’ ft. Emmanuelle Seigner

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At a time when so many twee indie folk bands have been cluttering up the cultural landscape, The Limiñanas resplendently hew to the glorious musical traditions of noise and decadence. Think: The Velvet Underground and Serge Gainsbourg crashing cars.

For their efforts, Lionel and Marie Limiñana (based out of Perpignan, South of France) have won accolades from such esteemed outlets as The Quietus, The Guardian and NME, and even got New Order’s Peter Hook to collaborate. But it’s their latest collab that has us genuinely hot and bothered: exalted French actress Emmanuelle Seigner (La Vie En Rose, The Diving Bell & Butterfly) joined them as guest vocalist for the cooly psychedelic new track “Shadow People,” which BlackBook premieres here.

“The track had been recorded in our home studio and finished in Berlin last winter,” Lionel recalls. “Emmanuelle came to visit us in the South of France, and we asked her to sing on it. We did it in only a few minutes during the afternoon.”

The song is an absolute paradigm of their neo-psych garage rock ethos, a blissed out wall of noise with gloriously irresistible melodies…recalling the Velvets and Jesus & Mary Chain. But the harmonious dueling vocals of Lionel and Emmanuelle give it an exceedingly sexy male-female dynamic.



“A friend introduced me to the Limiñanas,” Seigner recalls, “and I fell in love with their music. Three days before our first meeting, Lionel called me and offered me to sing on one song off their new album; then he sent me ‘Shadow People.’ We recorded directly at their home, it was fast, easy and pretty natural.”

Of course, as the lush chorus of “I’m twistin’ the shadow people” is continuously repeated, one is inspired to wonder…just who are they?

“The shadow people are an American myth,” Lionel elucidates. “They are described like a furtive apparition, comparable to ghosts observable from the corner of the eye. These ‘spirits’ can stay with you all along your life, like a paranormal glue stuck to you.”

The Limiñanas new EP Istanbul is Sleepy will be released November 16 on French label Because – with a title track featuring Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. They will be appearing live at La Maroquinerie in Paris December 7.