BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Lavish New Single ‘Human’ From Austin Duo SIGNY

Image by Casey Holder


With their day-glo sartorial presence and their studied sang-froid, you’d have to be a bit of a buzzkill to not be charmed by the truly fabulous Austin duo SIGNY (Amy Arani and Delaney Gibson). But the proof is in the muzique, of course. And we honestly cannot get enough of their sensual, majestic, retro-mod synth-pop.

And so it is that BlackBook has the privilege of premiering their opulently impassioned new single “Human.” Opening with a lascivious electro riff so chunky that it could almost make Martin Gore jealous, the song evolves into a lavishly visceral celebration of our shared humanity, with ethereal harmonies and soaring synthesized strings. It’s a bit like Ladytron collabing with Beyoncé, or Sia with a Teutonic streak.

“‘Human’ is a synth-pop anthem that we wrote to celebrate our humanity,” they explain. “We are, above all, human, no matter what labels we’re assigned or assign ourselves. We’re at a critical point in our evolution as a species, and many forces are trying to divide us. Will they? Or will we remember how to dance and come together in love? The choice is ours.”

Choose dancing. Choose life.



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