BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Jon Moodie’s Poignant Debut Single ‘Get What You Want’


Rarely were truer words of wisdom conveyed through pop music than when in 1969 The Stones soared up charts by insisting, “You can’t always get what you want / But if you try sometime / You’ll get what you need.”

Some 49 years later, and New York City songwriter and singer Jon Moodie is reimagining that philosophical position for these very different times. Indeed, on his startlingly accomplished debut single “Get What You Want” (Big House Recordings) – which BlackBook premieres here – he profoundly observes, “Gold wouldn’t be worth anything / If everyone in the world had it / Oh the rich keep getting richer / I’m still sitting here empty handed,” before concluding, “It’s a shot in the dark ’til you get what you want.”

It’s a reminder I think we all have to embed,” he explains, “perseverance, dedication, hard work, and endurance, going all-in when chasing your dream. For everyone busting their hump to get what they want, this song is hopefully their anthem too.”



Musically, it’s equally proficient, marrying hip-hop vibes and 60s garage grooves (the slightly “Madchester” undercurrent even recalls Happy Mondays’ “Hallelujah”), with Moodie’s soulful, commanding vocal style, and some pretty massive pop hooks.

Decidedly ambitious, he’s actually planning to “drop records every few weeks throughout 2018.” And he’s also created a short social media documentary series titled #FCKLCK (get it?), and featuring distinctly creative kindred spirits, including fashion designer Eunice Lee, videographer/photographer “Mr Tea,” Barbuto restaurant GM Jennifer Davidson, singer/stripper Valley Lantini, and boxer Henry Deleon – one of which will be released each day through April 18, and tie into the lyrical philosophy of “Get What You Want.”

Impressive, to say the very least.



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