BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Jittery ‘Super Moon’ Video From Stockholm’s BadSkum


Born in Detroit, but operating for more than a decade out of Brooklyn, you may know Armenian musician-producer Mark Ephraim from his cult bands like The Shorebirds and Neckbeard Telecaster.

Yet in 2017 he decamped to Stockholm, to develop a project not unlike, say, Broken Social Scene, with a changeable lineup and rotating cast of talent – apparently because past bandmates were always dying or plotting to get rid of him. The result is the enigmatic BadSkum (which, amusingly, translates to “both foam”), whose new single “Super Moon” is a paradigm of heady psychedelia, with all the moodiness of Pink Floyd and the sonic space travel of Spiritualized.

The accompanying video, which BlackBook premieres here, was directed by Stellan Von Reykebiel who also helmed their previous video for “Proud Mary.”


“He is not a perfectionist,” Ephraim explains, “and let’s all of the humanity be exposed. This was the first and only edit. Style also plays a big part in the visual aspect of BadSkum; every video is a bit like a comment on my past travels and experiences.”

Shot in a Stockholm suburb, it was also done in an appropriately lo-fi manner, on an old VHS camcorder – very ’90s.

Ephraim continues, “The ‘Super Moon’ video was recorded over some old Friends episodes, and you can see a little glimpse of Ross at the very end.”

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