BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Jess Coppens’ Visceral New Single ‘Rain’


She was the fiery little frontperson for Nashville’s Mirror Eyes, who honed a unique sound that was somewhere between 4AD ethereal and Jane’s Addiction fury.

Now Jess Coppens has struck out on her own; and BlackBook premieres here her stunning new single “Rain,” which wondrously exhibits the visceral richness of her songwriting talents. The singer has also recently come out, and the journey towards the discovery of her sexual identity has surely been a poignant one – as evidenced by the song’s gutsy lyrical confessionals.

“I’ve got issues that the doctors can’t explain,” she admits, before asking “Why don’t we let it all go / Right out the window?”

Musically, it’s a bit of a departure for her: an elegant, soulful ballad, with haunting atmospherics and a gentle but affecting dynamic arc.

“This song is about being ‘at ease’ with an internal struggle,” she explains. “I was in a very unsure state of mind during the writing process, and it refers to that feeling of not knowing which voice in your head to listen to. It’s almost like being right on the edge of giving up, but finding healthy a way out.”

We’ve all, certainly, been there.


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