BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Gloriously Romantic New James Supercave Video for ‘Something to Lose’

Photo by Anastasia Velicescu


Of their mind-bending 2016 debut album Better Strange, Vice’s Noisey enthused that, “James Supercave’s music [embraces] a brand of psych pop that revels in the abstract.”

For our part, we’ve always demanded nothing less of our many fave purveyors of modern psychedelia. And the record did indeed cause a stir amongst the cognoscenti – leading to the LA-based quartet making the rounds of the festival circuit, as well as touring with the likes of Future Islands and Crystal Castles.


Photo by Alex Souetre 


Now at last a new EP is in the works – though specific release info is still sketchy. Nevertheless, as a bit of a preview, BlackBook premieres here this vividly filmed, unashamedly romantic new video for the equally romantic new single “Something to Lose.” And what could be more welcome in these soul-crushingly divisive times, than the full-hearted embrace of true love and affection, in all their unfettered glory?

Musically, the track is a hook-laden paradigm of nu-disco-soul, with sonically kaleidoscopic touches. Think: The Bee Gees as produced by Flaming Lips.

“The song is a celebration of intimacy,” says singer and songwriter Joaquin Pastor. “It’s a love song in a way, but it skips the pining, the yearning, the heartache and gets straight to the celebrating. It’s about those rare people that make you feel alive.”

Those wishing to feel that love a bit more intimately, can catch James Supercave live at San Diego’s Blonde Bar on June 7.


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