BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Future Generations’ Lush Synth-Pop Single ‘All The Same’


No surprise, we’re always partial to music that can make you think and groove in equal measure.

And so it is with the new Future Generations single “All the Same” – which BlackBook premieres here. With its quirky, jittery rhythms and thoughtfully existentialist lyrics – “I followed you into the depths / The basement reeked of old cigarettes / And I warned you girl that we are all the same” – the obvious touchstone would be Talking Heads. But the lush synths, sumptuous harmonies and infectious hooks recall electro icons from OMD to Ladytron.

“‘All The Same’ is one of the oldest songs on the album,” explains singer Eddie Gore. “It’s all about fighting this urge to get back into toxic relationships. The energy and arrangement of the song went through many changes, from the early stages to what it is now, and took the longest to figure out how to make it feel just right. But it’s turned out to be one of our favorite songs on the record.”

The record he is referring to is the Brooklyn quintet’s sophomore album Landscape, which will be released September 14 via Frenchkiss Records. But should you not be able to wait to hear more of their new material, they will be on tour all through June and July.


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