BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Fiery New Tatiana DeMaria Track ‘What It Is About You’

Image by Jered Scott


TAT burst onto the UK music scene in 2003, just as a new wave of guitar bands (Libertines, Futureheads, Bloc Party) were revving the zeitgeist by reviving the timeless tenets of punk and post-punk. They fit the bill perfectly, with their hi-speed power chord aesthetic, shambolic style and a female up front, Tatiana DeMaria, who felt for everything like the second coming of Joan Jett or Chrissie Hynde.

Fast forward to 2018, and while the band fend off rumors of their first album since 2011, DeMaria has just released a new song, “What It Is About You” (which BlackBook premieres here), that shows her as to be as creatively vital as ever. To be sure, her old punk attitude is in full flower – but the track is a rollercoaster of dynamics, with shimmering guitars, glittering harmonies, and even a bit of country twang. Still tough as nails, “What It Is…” also finds her firing off a steely lyrical castigation.



“You look so pretty with your guilt free heart / Smiling like you mean it wanna tear you apart / And I don’t know what it is about you.”

And who would want to be on the receiving end of that?

“With ‘What It Is About You,'” she explains, “I’m excited to take people down the garden path to this new direction. I’ve been hungry for something real: lyrical honesty and more organic instruments, but still pushing the envelope and creating something fresh. That’s what this new track is about for me.”

You can catch that new direction live, when Tatiana takes the stage at NYC’s Bowery Electric on May 12. She’ll also be joining the Warped Tour as of June 21, ending up in Milwaukee on the 23rd of July.




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