BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Fascinating New Video for Rubblebucket Single ‘What Life Is’


There’s a certain sort of “every day really counts” determination about Brooklyn indie psych-funksters Rubblebucket. This year celebrating their 10th year of existence, in 2013 singer Annakalmia Traver battled and conquered stage one ovarian cancer; and her musical (and formerly romantic) partner Alex Toth had to overcome a bout with alcoholism.

Now the pair are determinedly returning with a new album, Sun Machine, which will be released this August. In the lead up, BlackBook premieres here the intriguing new video for “What Life Is” – which shows the pair interacting/dancing in some rather ritualistic fashion, perhaps in an act of necessary catharsis.

The track itself is sultry and languid, yet somehow also exuberant – with atonal, psychedelic instrumentation complementing decidedly infectious melodies and harmonies. It’s all a bit Beatlesesque, with unmistakable sonic nods to their classic “Across the Universe.”

“‘What Life Is’ is a stream of consciousness inspired by living in New York City,” Alex explains. “Being in close quarters with so many humans bumping into one another, feverishly striving and surviving can be as inspiring as it is suffocating. And somehow persevering and trying to be human and happy. It’s a wild and beautiful endeavor and takes a fair amount of grit.”

Indeed it does.

Rubblebucket play a handful of summer gigs – including a special, intimate show July 31 at NYC’s Public Arts – before hitting the road again in October.

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