BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Exuberant Bit Funk Remix of New Penguin Prison Track ‘Turn it Up’

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Surely not the most prolific artist on the planet, NYC’s Penguin Prison (actually the nom de guerre of Chris Glover) has been absent from recording for the better part of two-and-a-half years. Indeed, his last album was spring 2015’s Lost in New York – perhaps the title explains his absence?

So as fans, we were thrilled at the sudden appearance last month of a new single, “Turn it Up” – a spirited bit of retro 80s electro pop. And this electrifying remix by Brooklyn producer Bit Funk – who has previously worked his magic on tracks by KT Tunstall and A Tribe Called Quest, amongst others – reinvents it as exuberant Euro-disco, with fat synths, machine gun beats (that would make Daft Punk jealous) and a fist-pumping exhilaration – veritably transforming the lyric, “I think you should say sorry / To everyone you ever met” into something of an emotional rallying cry.

“I’ve been a fan of Bit Funk for a few years,” Glover explains, “and always wanted to get him to remix one of my songs. His mix of ‘Turn It Up’ turns the song into a rowdy banger that will make people go nuts when they hear it loud in a club. Exactly what I wanted! I’ll definitely be playing this at all my DJ sets from now on.”

Want to hear it loud in a club? Penguin Prison will be manning the decks at House of Yes in Brooklyn November 16, and Ophelia’s in Denver November 22.