BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Exhilarating Gavin Ross + YOUNOTUS Remixes of the New Filous Single ‘Bicycle’


We’re always astounded by the misconceptions concerning the perceived conservatism of Austria, as we have long experienced quite the opposite firsthand – mostly during long nights of Vienna clubbing. And once again proving our point is the incredible new dance music talent, 21-year-old DJ/producer Filous.

The Austrian wunderkind’s most recent single “Bicycle” (featuring Brit songstress klei) shot him quickly to international attention, burning up the European new music charts, and racking up more than 3 million streams. He also snagged a trio of Amadeus Award nominations.

And propelling the song deeper into the musical zeitgeist are a pair of exhilarating new remixes by Gavin Moss and YOUNOTUS, both of which BlackBook enthusiastically premieres here.

“I love how Gavin decided to flip the song,” Filous enthuses of the Barcelona based producer’s reworking of the track. “As soon as the drop hits you just have to start moving, it’s so groovy and uplifting. As I also do a lot of remixes, I know how hard it can be to bring in your own style while not losing the core of the original – and I think Gavin did exactly that perfectly.”

But it was German duo YOUNOTUS who injected “Bicycle” with a whole new sort of playful but sultry cool.

“They made such a fun rendition of the song,” says Filous. “I especially love how they decided to re-envision the chorus. It’s such a cool, dancey approach to the track, definitely makes me ride my bicycle at least double as fast.”

A great way to keep warm in winter, surely.



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