BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Europhilic New Prinze George Video for ‘Mind Over’


We’ve been digging on Prinze George since premiering their 2016 video for “Freeze.” Now the stylish Maryland trio are returning with a bewitching new single, the philosophically titled “Mind Over.”

An ethereal but sexy Francophilic stunner, it lays lush atmospherics over a sturdy synth beat – with singer Naomi Almquist lyrically alternating between French and English in the most alluring of ways. The captivating chorus finds her exuberantly exclaiming, “You let me take your mind over!”

It’s as if Lana had suddenly gone all Depeche Mode.

The striking accompanying video (which BlackBook premieres here) was filmed across various European locales – seemingly mostly Venice – providing an appropriately grandiloquent backdrop.

It’s taken over our minds…


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