BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Ethereally Romantic Video For New Loverman Single ‘Coming & Going’


It takes a certain level of self-possessed swagger to decide on a band name that unabashedly references Nick Cave – and further to title your album after a Wim Wenders masterpiece.

But singer-pianist Sasha Papadin comes from an appropriate bloodline: his father (who passed away in 2016) was Russian poet Valentin Papadin, a Soviet defector. Eventually settling in California, his son would grow up to become a figure in the Northern California indie music scene as a member of 1955.

Now, in 2018, he’s formed Loverman with Jake Studer (guitar) and Kieran Maloney (drums); and their debut album Wings of Desire (out November 13) is indeed titled for the exalted Wenders film. Fittingly, the video for their new single “Coming and Going” – which BlackBook premieres here – is a stunningly realized slice of shiver-inducing romantic-noir. To be sure, it is decidedly Lynchian in its haunting aesthetic…but with a hopeful sense of the possibilities of love – and filmed, naturally, in the haunting city of Venice.

“The song is about realizing how fleeting life is,” Papadin explains, “and the strange sense that we’ve been here before…maybe in a past life or maybe just in a dream.”

And what city but Venezia is more likely to cultivate and nurture those glorious ambiguities and mysteries of love and romance?

He continues, “The video follows a woman falling in love over the course of an afternoon and the subtle ‘comings and goings’ of the two lovers. Sometimes they’re intimate and other times they pull away from each other; but soon a dreamy romance settles in and she’s transported to another time and place.”

Yes, that.



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