BlackBook Premiere: Ethereal New Film School Single ‘Crushin’

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If you were someone for whom your accumulation of records released by Alan McGee’s Creation label represented as much a way of life as a collection of songs, you’ve probably heard of Film School. Indeed, the LA / SF quartet was kicking around the scene in the mid-’00s, building a loyal following on the strength of their ability to make a similar vocation of aesthetically living up adjectives like “ethereal” and “dreamlike.”

Having seemingly disappeared into the ether in 2011, until the release of a 2016 EP. They apparently had been holed up for a week in a studio in Joshua Tree last November – and the results will be their first full album in 11 years. The brilliantly named Bright to Death will be released via Hauskat Records on September 14 – but in the meantime, BlackBook premieres this heavenly new single “Crushin,” for a taste of what’s to come.

The song revisits not unfamiliar territory for the band, with its lush, languid beauty, chiming guitars and widescreen, empyrean atmospherics. Think: a less reticent Slowdive.

Singer Greg Bertens describes the lyrical motif in similarly whimsical terms: “Having a crush is like going to a magic show: the more you’re willing to suspend disbelief, the more enjoyable it is going to be.”

We would be hard pressed not to agree.