BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Dreamy New Bahari Single ‘F*cked Up’


You may know Bahari from their touring with Selena Gomez, from their vocal performances on Zedd’s 2015 hit “Addicted to a Memory,” or perhaps from their 2016 debut EP Dancing on the Sun, recorded when they were just 16 years old. And on surface impressions, there seems to be something of the charmed, even angelic about the musically gifted SoCal trio.

To be sure, with their flowing golden locks and uncommon beauty, they seem to radiate a kind of geniality. But darkness never lurks too low below the exterior, does it? And indeed, their newest single, the not-at-all-politely-titled “Fucked Up,” finds them sorting through the real fear of falling for someone when you least expected it. Over their signature ethereal dream-pop-folk sonic aesthetic, lyrics like, “How did I get here / Holding onto the fear,” and, “Now I’ve got you all fucked up / I can tell you like it too,” speak to the intimidating uncertainties that come with letting oneself give in to such an overwhelming feeling.

“For us, we see writing music like painting or drawing a picture,” they explain. “We used a lot of blues and purple in this one. We were trying to capture that exact moment when you realize you are falling in love. Even if you’re afraid. Even if you don’t want to, you are falling and you can’t control your heart.”

With love’s big holiday – Valentine’s Day – just a week away, it’s a timely exhortation on assuring that your heart goes gently into the romantic night.


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