BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Dollshot’s Hallucinatory Video for New Single ‘Swan Gone’

Image by Reed Lerner


While it might seem like a more fantastical sobriquet for Los Angeles, Lalande, the title of the upcoming new album by dream pop duo Dollshot, was actually inspired by Brazilian author Clarice Lispector’s 1943 novel Near to the Wild Heart.

“We were both really taken with the idea of this made-up word that’s described in the book as this naked feeling of the infinite when you look out at night over the ocean,” explains Noah K, whose betrothed Rosie K is Dollshot’s other member. “This album is about a woman who’s looking in on herself, and it’s ambiguous as to whether or not she’s really alive. That’s the basic thematic framework: these liminal realms that this girl inhabits.”

In the lead up to the release, BlackBook premieres here the video for first single “Swan Gone,” which musically comes off a bit like Cocteau Twins as filtered through experimental (and slightly atonal) jazz. Directed by Pablo Delcan, it’s something of a non-linear journey through a hallucinatory, surrealist funhouse.

“’Swan Gone’ is one of the most intimate songs on this album,” says Rosie, “a kind of no-turning-back trip into the inner world of a girl on the brink of life and death, anxiety and ecstasy. Pablo’s video dives down the rabbit hole, crosses the threshold and lives in the dream logic of the bizarre and beguiling.”

Lalande will be released January 25, 2019. But you can get a further preview of the new songs tonight, October 29, at The Penthouse at The Standard East Village, where Dollshot (along with Léonie Pernet) will perform as part of the venerable Annie O Presents music series.

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