BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Captivating New Video for Prelow’s ‘Backseat’

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Image by Jimmy Fontaine 


There’s no dictionary definition of the word “Prelow.” So fans of the band of the same name can attach whatever meaning they wish to the moniker.

The NYC duo of Jesse Aicher and Matt Walsh have actually kept up a fairly enigmatic profile since first appearing on the scene in 2014. Though their early single “Mistakes Like This” went impressively viral, racking up more than a million plays on Soundcloud – which was followed by Nylon fully band-crushing on them.

Their newest single “Backseat,” is a masterstroke of seductive neo-soul, with Aicher viscerally pleading “Am I too loud? / Am I too proud? / Am I too arrogant?”The video for the song, which BlackBook premieres here, depicts three intriguing stories unfolding in the backseats of cars; whether they are interrelated is yet another mystery.

“We shot ‘Backseat’ when we were in LA with 626 collective (Billie Eilish, Lil Yachty),” says Aicher. “We asked some of our friends – Swizzymack, Maria De Faria, and Christian McGaffney – to play some of the lead roles and they were great. The cab driver used to do repo in Venice Beach, so in between takes we heard a lot of stories.”

Prelow will launch a 16-date North American tour in Seattle on October 19.