BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: BETS’ Captivating New Synth-Pop Track ‘Left My City’

Photo by Margo Ducharme


Referring to her 2016 debut, Nylon said of BETS’ music that it’s “what it feels like to zone out and occupy your own little world.”

That dreamy little world is being revisited, as Brooklyn’s BETS (Betsy Hershey) releases her sophomore album Future Color this Friday, October 26. In the meanwhile, BlackBook premieres here the striking new track “Left My City.” The enchanting, minimalist synth-pop gem charms with melodic hooks and her captivatingly ethereal vocals. But it’s actually a bit darker lyrically, with a narrative about attempting to purge the cynics from one’s life – those who would hold one back for their own selfish reasons.

Indeed, she frustratedly relates, “I feel so lucky when you left my city / But you stalk on the corner every evening / And all you do is break me down.”

“‘Left My City’ is about negative people,” BETS explains. “Those people who love to say you can’t do something, you won’t be able to, you’re not good enough and on and on. I don’t have time for them anymore and I feel so damn lucky for that.”

Obviously, we’re quite happy for her.


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