BlackBook Film Spotlight: ‘Perfectos Desconocidos’


Cell phones, man – can’t live without them, can barely handle living with them. But the question really is, can you survive yours being scrutinized? We’re about to find out.

Perfect Strangers, or Perfectos Desconocidos if we’re being correct, is an electrifying tale about a dinner party with a group of best friends. What’s so different about that? Well, a seemingly simple game of “put your phone on the table and let’s see what pops up” makes for a shockingly great deal of anxiety.

In a mobile phone obsessed world, it may not be a surprise to learn that this isn’t in fact a new plot line. Perfectos Desconocidos is actually a Mexican remake of the 2016 Italian hit Perfetti sconosciuti, from director Paolo Genovese.

In this version, when the gang gets together at the chic home of Eva (Cecilia Suarez) and Antonio (Bruno Bichir), the hostess proposes a game to spice up this supposed typical night in. The guideline is simple: all guests must lay their phones on the table and announce any incoming messages and calls out loud for all guests to hear. Sounds like a bad nightmare, huh?



While it begins as all fun and games, anyone could imagine how south this provocative party amusement could very quickly go. Before you know it, you’re taken on a suspenseful journey of twists and turns full of “textual tension,” as everyone’s truths are immediately laid bare.

All in all, this phenomenal cast brings life to an outrageous, over-the-top comedy based on the secrets that are now held in our pockets. So clutch tightly to your mobile devices and get ready for a drama that is as delicious as the food in front of them.

Perfectos Desconocidos will open at select theaters on January 11th. The film stars Cecilia Suarez, Bruno Bichir, Manuel García-Rulfo, Mariana Treviño, Miguel Rodarte, and Ana Claudia Talancón.



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