BlackBook Film Spotlight: ‘Egg’


With a title as ambiguous as Egg, we weren’t so sure of exactly what we were getting into. A film about farm life, perhaps? Breakfast foods? Pregnancy? Ding, ding, ding! Yes, that’s the one.

Now, motherhood can sometimes be a taboo topic, especially in certain circles. Some woman revere it, some fear it, and some choose to altogether forgo it. During one whirlwind of an evening, Tina (Alysia Reiner) and her husband (Gbenga Akinnagbe), a feminist at heart, invite over their eight-months-pregnant, dear old friend and (her) rival Karen, played by former Mad Men bombshell, Christina Hendricks – along with her power-and money-loving, not-to-be-trusted husband. The nostalgia-drenched hangout session seems at first innocent enough.



But Tina announces that she has a new project in the works, one that serves as an alternative to motherhood, and which includes a particularly non-traditional surrogate. Enter surrogate Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect). As the night unfolds, the couples’ truths come to light, while the patriarchy appears to be unraveling.

Between the smart-witted script and knotty characters, Egg incisively and authentically disseminates the reality of a couple’s tension and strife when bringing new life into this world. Required viewing for everyone considering parenthood…and perhaps a particular treat for those who have decisively decided against it.

Egg is in theaters January 18th and is directed by Marianna Palka, with a screenplay by Risa Mickenberg.




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