BlackBook Exclusive: The Most Exquisite Autumn Playlist, by Greg Laswell

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Climate change has made it ever more difficult to slip into autumn mode, especially where it concerns the exigent matter of soundtracking our seasons. After all, Cocteau Twins and Zola Jesus just don’t sound quite the same against a backdrop of 89 degrees farenheit and tropical humidity.

But with chaos raging all around us, the bucolic sounds of fall could surely provide some measure of solace. And LA songsmith Greg Laswell (who last year created the memorable Seven Saddest Songs playlist for BlackBook) has curated this exclusive, stunningly compelling collection of musical treasures for your autumn listening enlightenment – inspired by the current studio sessions for the recording of his eagerly-awaited seventh album.

The playlist is graced by a number of BlackBook favorites, from Lana Del Rey and Chelsea Wolfe, to Mazzy Star and on to Talk Talk’s expressionist classic “I Believe in You.” (Taken from the latter band’s transcendent Spirit of Eden album, which we religiously put back into rotation every October.)


Greg Laswell


Laswell’s evocative, heartrending 2016 album Everyone Thinks I Dodged a Bullet was a tour de force of soul-baring confession and revelation, notably featuring the haunting Leonard Cohenesque title track. Last year also gave us his thought-provoking cover of Savages “Adore.” But while we wait for new material from the visceral troubadour, hints of what’s to come can surely be found within this playlist.

“To me, music sounds better in the fall,” he elucidates, “and making a playlist has become of a tradition of sorts. This year I’ve included some real gems – Tanlines, Cocteau Twins, PJ Harvey – and new ones from Zola Jesus and Daughter. Sorry summer anthems, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”
 (N.B. Laswell will embark on a full North American tour in early 2018.)