BlackBook Exclusive: Canadian Electronic Duo Fjord’s Epicurean Guide to Quebec City


Montreal has always been one of our fave music scene cities – for reasons that don’t require much elaboration. But just to the north is the province’s capital, Quebec City, which obviously has been exalted more for its awe-inspiring sense of history, and its absolutely stunning cityscape.

But electronic duo Fjord (right, right – that actually makes them seem more Scandinavian) proudly call QC home; and Thomas Casault and Louis-Étienne Santais have, since 2014, been forwarding their own brand of artful electro pop to growing acclaim. Their dreamlike new single, “Lay Down Your Veil” (with a surreal, thought-provoking video to match) is a something of a temporary fix, on the way to the release of their highly-anticipated Shallow Waters EP in early 2019.



Casault is also a devoted epicure, and proprietor of the very well reviewed Quebec restaurants Sushibox and Honō Izakaya – which are part of a burgeoning culinary revolution, challenging the area’s well established traditions.

“In recent years, Quebec City has seen many new restaurants with refreshing propositions emerge,” he enlightens. “They’ve shifted away from the old ‘French cuisine’ paradigm that had been dominant for decades. This, among other things, is the consequence of many young entrepreneurs entering the scene.”

So with autumn such a glorious time to visit the province, we asked him to let us in on his favorite “must eats” in the historic city. We allowed him a little slack for self-promotion.



Any Breakfast @ Le Pied Bleu 

Too hard to choose from the delicious breakfast options here, but if we really have to…“L’Écossais,” featuring black pudding and potatoes cooked in duck fat. Lyonnais style charcuterie is also a specialty.

Ris de Veau @ l’Affaire est Ketchup

Though the menu changes according to the best fresh products available on the market, the ris de veau (sweetbreads) is a cornerstone of this restaurant’s offerings. (N.B. Anthony Bourdain visited in 2016, and was duly impressed.)



Octopus @ Le Mezze

Classic Greek cuisine: delicious, timeless. The octopus is a specialty, prepared according to a traditional recipe.

Yakitori Bowl @ Honō Izakaya 

The only real Izakaya in Quebec City offers a selection of three delicious Yakitori (a combination of meat, fish and vegetable), dipped in Japanese marinade and grilled to perfection. 



Sashimi Plate @ Sushibox

Fresh fish cut to perfection for any sushi lover. Though a little further from the center, of town, it’s grown to be considered as one of the best sushi restaurants in Quebec City. Only the best Asian products available in Quebec province are used here.

Prosciutto E Rucola @ Nina Pizza

Simple yet ultra tasty. The founders of Nina have acquired the knowledge to make Neapolitan pizza directly in Naples, and perfected it before opening their restaurant in Quebec City. It’s cooked in one of the best Italian ceramic ovens, with only the freshest ingredients. Prosciutto, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, roquette – perfection!


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