Aussie Songstress Hoodlem’s Insider Guide to Vegan Toronto + New Single ‘Teenager’

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It’s a globalized world, to be sure. This is precisely how we might come to find ourselves connecting with an Australian songstress, the cheekily monikered Hoodlem – whose music is markedly influenced by American R&B – about her favorite vegan haunts in Toronto.

Indeed, she recently moved from Oceania’s boho capital of Melbourne, to Canada’s city of the future – and it seems to be serving her well creatively. To wit, her new single, the rather guilelessly titled “Teenager,” is a lush, visceral treasure of alluring neo-soul music, which finds her meditating earnestly on young desire – but without resorting to the typical lyrical cliches associated with said subject.

“I wanna know you in the summer / Do you like the heat?,” she seductively entreats over a steamy, languid beat and sumptuously opulent atmospherics.

It’s the second track (following “Funny Farm”) from her forthcoming – and as yet unnamed – new EP, due later this spring. And as such, bodes decidedly well for what’s to come.

As aforementioned, she lives an ideologically meat-free existence – something perfectly suited to her distinctly progressive new home city. And so we asked her to enlighten us on just where to go in Toronto to live the vegan life in as tasty a way as possible.




Hoodlem’s Fave Vegan Spots in Toronto


I go to this cafe every week, it’s owned by a fellow Aussie. They have heaps of vegan breakfasts on their menu like the smashed avocado and the lamb sammy, and they serve amazing coffee. I almost didn’t want to tell you all about it, because maybe it will get even busier.



Through Being Cool 

This is my favorite vegan bakery (named for a Devo song), and they do the most delicious breakfast burrito. I will stop by sometimes and get a croissant on the go – which for a vegan is a very rare thing!

Madras Masala

I go here for a quick dosa after we are done at the studio. As a meal it is probably as big as my body, stuffed with potato, and it comes with all these little dipping sauces. It is seriously amazing and so very filling in the winter time.



Ital Vital

Caribbean vegan buffet-style in Kensington, they load you up with so much homemade-tasting goodness (BBQ soy beef, curry “shrimp”). I love going here for a quick take out if I’m busy between things, and I know that it will always make me feel so good.

Ramen Isshin

Favorite ramen spot in Toronto; they do two vegan ramens, which are just like the ones I had in Tokyo. There is also this weird little peach sake jelly drink in a can, such a strange but delicious treat – but be careful how many you have.




Such a great, fancy-ish place with so many delicious things to eat (sweet mess tacos, quinoa tartare, eggplant lasagna). I’m obsessed with the cauliflower tots and that brownie on the dessert menu…


My favorite spot in Koreatown! They do a vegan bibimbap, and I get it with avocado and japchae. Even writing this I am getting hungry…