What Banksy Would Paint, If Banksy Were Out of Ideas

There are plenty of great parodies and riffs on the artist and the myth that is Bansky. There’s pop culture punster Hanksy, who uses the Bristol street artist’s style to create amusing portmanteaus like "Stark and Recreation," an image of Aziz Ansari in an Iron Man suit. There’s Milbansky, who invaded Washington, D.C. And, of course, Banksy parodied the success of and the sudden, flourishing fascination with street art in the "prankumentary" Exit Through the Gift Shop.

But as any artist skyrockets to fame and as any artist’s style and ethos becomes recognizable, it becomes pretty easy to parody, if not totally lampshade. Enter Lazy Banksy, a pretty brilliant new blog taking Banksy’s formula and political message and just making them really, really not subtle at all. A map of America with the Statue of Liberty declaring "I’m With Stupid," the Kennedy assassination as an iPhone photo and other delightfully half-assed socially-conscious messages abound. 

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