Watch The U.S. Navy’s 100% Hilarious Anti-Bath Salts Video

The Atlantic Wire points us to a YouTube PSA from the U.S. Navy’s medical branch, entitled "BATH SALTS: It’s not a fad…It’s a NIGHTMARE. The video is intended to, er, discourage the habit of secretly ingesting bath salts in your Navy dorm room after Navy class. You’ll see what merits your attention.

Oddly enough, the goofy CGI and lurching dubstep soundtrack are the least bewildering choices in this little vignette. First off, it’s the actual worst take of someone pretending to snort drugs I’ve ever seen. For some reason, when our protagonist is vomiting off a bridge, they make it look like diarrhea.

And why are they making such a big deal about the theft of a French fry, which seems a minor infraction next to punching your girlfriend out at a bowling alley? Should we be worried that bath salts impair bowling skills in general? I’m thinking the only way to get a handle on these questions is to try the damn stuff for myself.

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