Voyage Through Innerspace With The Video For Ablebody’s ‘Sally Hot Jazz’

On any given morning, my inbox is fully of a lot of quite pretty new music. But after a while, beauty for its own sake gets a trifle monotonous. Anyone can build a dreamy, inoffensive synth wash: the question is where you go from there. Ablebody, the solo project of Christoph Hoccheim, has a pretty good idea.

Hoccheim has played guitar for shoegaze-pop outfits The Depreciation Guild and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, but where those groups rely on fairly straightforward melody to animate most songs, Ablebody is interested in continuing to mutate the hooks in surprising ways. As one commenter had it: “Sally Hot Jazz,” from the All My Everybody EP, is “so harmonically off-balance. It really stretches your ears.”

Indeed, the harmonic shift around the 1:50 mark is the closest anyone has come (this year) to understanding what it is that makes Kevin Shields’ compositions for My Bloody Valentine so cool—you’ll want to go back again and again to feel out the strangeness of that groove. The video is a nice throwback as well: simple but trippy enough to get the job done. Get your Friday chill on with the entire EP, streaming below.

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