Spice Up Your Life and Turn Your Christmas Tree Upside Down

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Photo: David X Prutting/BFAnyc.com

Wanna get in the Christmas spirit but sick of the same old tree, and cruddy ornaments you’ve used for the past 20 years? 

Here’s an idea. Take a page out of Ms. Victoria Beckham and artist Shirazeh Houshiary’s book and turn that thing on it’s head. No angel on the top this year.

Victoria Beckham, Shirazeh Houshiary 1

“In a playful subversion of the tradition of decorating trees to celebrate the festive season, I have chosen to focus on the natural qualities of the tree itself, exposing the root and coating it in red pigment. By turning the tree upside down and suspending it above the stairwell, it appears as if floating — its roots freed from their earthly constraints and the intricate beauty of their form revealed. The use of pure red pigment lends the roots radiance and illuminates that which is normally concealed,“ Houshiary said. 

Houshiary first created a work similar to the one made in collaboration with Beckham 21 years ago at the Tate; through this collaboration, she found renewed inspiration to work with the architecture of the Victoria Beckham store to recreate and expand upon her work in a new space and with new dimension.

Should you be lucky enough to be in London, a. I’m super jealous, and b. head to 36 Dover Street to check out the temporary installation at VB’s flagship shop.

Victoria Beckham, Shirazeh Houshiary 2

Images courtesy of Victoria Beckham