Tracey Emin to Light Up Times Square With Unrequited Love

Fiercely brilliant artist Tracey Emin is known throughout the art world for her wide range of works from painting and drawing to video instillations and photography to needlework and sculpture. But whatever medium she’s working in, her pieces always reveal her personal hopes and desires, exposing her failures and longings in a way that’s both heartbreaking and inspiring. And next month, the English artist will have her first American public-art piece in Times Square as she lights up he consumerist hub with neon passion.

At exactly of 11:57 every night, 40 screens—some large, some small—will run her six messages for a span of three minutes, engaging passerby’s with their romantic glow. The messages will "appear digitally animated, as if being written by an unseen hand" and share Emin’s yearning for love and love lost. “I’m really brilliant at unrequited love,” she says. “I haven’t had a relationship for years. It’s totally inspired my work," she told ARTNews.

Take a look at some of her beautiful work that will be debuting next month and read on for more details. 


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