Sweet tARTs Go Down The Rabbit Hole

Although the idea seems like a stale take on the concept of the Dead Poets’ Society, with post-grad female artists replacing preppy New England schoolboys, it’s a bit of an ill-conceived comparison, as there is the promise of intrigue with tART’s talents. Tonight, the Rabbit Hole Studio launches “Summer Salon,” a new show featuring their work.

A New York artist collective boasting more than two dozen artists—including Sophia Chai and Jill Auckenthaler—who’ve banded together after their graduate art programs, tART features artists whose work carries a distinctly modern, urban flair. Given their current venue’s location, in the trendy-but-still-gritty art district of DUMBO in Brooklyn, few other galleries would’ve seemed like home to the “Summer Salon.” Even more apt are the broad strokes of mixed media that this collective fashions its art with—photomanipulation, acrylic painting, printwork—assuring that tART’s communal voice is one that won’t be without its own variety of cadences, pitches and quirks.

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