Spider-Man Director Slings a $1Million Lawsuit Web

For better or worse, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark hasn’t been in the press much recently, not compared to its tumultuous beginnings, anyway, when it was reguar front page news. But ousted director Julie Taymor is reigniting the backstage drama, when it was announced yesterday that she is suing the producers of the show, for continuing to use her work without proper compensation, to which we say, fair enough.  

The suit is worth at least $1 million, plus royalties, and despite the new creative team’s re-imagination of the show since Taymor’s departure, the lawsuit contends that the producers “have continued to promote, use, change and revise Taymor’s work… without her approval or authorization and in violation of their agreements with Taymor.”

The show undoubtedly owes much to Taymor, who put seven years of her life into its creation. And while Taymor’s version of Turn Off the Dark was a critical disaster and all-around freakshow, as the creator of The Lion King, the third longest-running show in Broadway history, she still commands respect as a major artist. This could be her lashing out, still not over getting the boot, or, more likely, girl just wants her money. Sue on!   

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