Søren Dahlgaard’s ‘Dough Portrait’ Series Brings New Meaning to ‘Pizza Face’

Last week, we showed you the work of the team at Behance, whose "Water Wigs," trippy photos of water exploding on dudes to make mohawks and other funky hairstyles, captivated us. This week, we stumbled on Danish artist Søren Dahlgaard, who is using a far stickier medium in his latest photography series. The multi-media artist has used dough in a series of sculptures and other installations, and over the past several years, has taken photos around the world, including his hometown of Copenhagen and the Maldives, of people with big, massive wads of bread dough on their faces. The photo subjects were able to sculpt their yeasty masks before the photos were taken, although they all just kind of end up looking like wads of dough to us. 

As Dahlgaard explains: “Dough and bread are universal. They are things we can all relate to. We know how it is made, how it feels to touch it, but when it appears in art, it can be difficult to place. It wakes people’s curiosity.” The series has been seen at a number of art events and exhibitions around the world over the past several years, and will reach new audiences this fall with shows at the Gwangju Biennale in South Korea, the Digital Art Center Israel and KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Finland. Check out the whole "Dough Portraits" collection on his website

Dough isn’t the only kind of foodstuff Dahlgaard uses in his work. In a rather interesting 2007 piece called "Digesting the News," he took stories from daily newspapers with opposing editorial leanings and views, mixed them with fat for a rather appetizing mixture, and ground it into intestinal casing to make sausages. He definitely made his point, but it’s enough to make your stomach turn at the mere thought of a dirty-water hot dog. 

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