Someone Paid 10K For an Invisible Artwork By James Franco

Somehow, we’d forgotten about this particular J-Franc tidbit, but a while back the actor teamed up with art duo Praxis to raise funds for the Museum of Non-Visible Art, which is exactly what it sounds like. The idea is that the artworks are invisible, i.e. nonexistent. Someone has actually purchased the most expensive work, “Conceptual — Fresh Air,” which cost $10,000. There’s a sucker born every minute, etc.

The Huffington Post identified the buyer as Aimee Davison, a Montreal-based “web producer, social media marketer, model and actor.” Davison’s stated reasons for buying the work are that she “identified with the ideology of the project” and that she “wanted to endorse it” because it aligned with what she calls “Social Media Art.” Also, the real reason:

“I sensed that Franco’s project was controversial and I wanted to participate in the controversy and possibly benefit from it. Buying a modestly priced piece would not have made the same bold statement or entitled me to the same level of collaboration with Praxis as buying the most expensive item.”

Ten thousand dollars is expensive for anything, especially when it’s nothing.

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