Some Drug Either Ruining Horseracing Or Totally Not A Big Deal

Because it’s not sports if there’s not a lot of hullabaloo about doping and whatnot, but this year’s Breeders’ Cup world championship, for the first time, will not permit horses to be injected with furosemide on the day of the race. What does the drug do, you ask? Oh, just keeps them from bleeding internally from running too hardAnd apparently “95 percent of American thoroughbreds” get shot up with it.

Thus we are left with wide resistance and a boycott of sorts, even though the drug is “prohibited in Europe, Hong Kong and the rest of the world’s major racing circuits.” What nonsense. America, by definition, does not have to play by your stupid rules, rest of the world. And where does this arbitrary restriction come from? Oh, you can do whatever fucked up shit you want to make your horse run at breakneck speeds … except, uh, this.

I applaud the breeders who withdrew their colts and fillies. Actually, I’d like to see all athletes quit their games until they’re allowed to drug themselves to the gills. Professional sports have already regressed to the point where only gladiatorial mutants can compete—as long as they’re sacrificing their bodies in this pursuit, may as well give them steroids and bionic eyes and nanobots and tiger’s blood or whatever’s going to cause the next scandal. Who knows? Even golf could become interesting.

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