Skeleton Found Under British Parking Lot May Belong To Richard III

A car, a car, my kingdom for a car!

The skeleton in question is a bit dinged up, to put it lightly, which is consistent with accounts of the 15th-century king being the last English monarch to die in battle: the skull had been “cleaved” by a “bladed implement,” while a “barbed metal arrowhead” was found lodged in the vertebrae. And here I thought the War of the Roses sounded like a perfectly civil bloodbath.

What’s more, there’s a distinctly familiar shape to the bones.

[T]he spinal abnormalities suggest the individual had severe scoliosis, though was not a hunchback, as he was portrayed by Shakespeare in the play of the king’s name.

Even so, the scoliosis seen in the skeleton would’ve made the man’s right shoulder appear visibly higher than the left one.

Nonetheless, it should take another twelve weeks to confirm that—wait a minute, did I read that correctly? Shakespeare was exaggerating the physical appearance of a historical personality in his bio-drama? FABRICATING FACTS? Next you’ll tell me that he didn’t base The Tempest on an actual wizard he knew. My god, he’s no better than Jonah Lehrer.  

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