Shocking Twists In New David Foster Wallace Biography

You think that just because you skimmed Dave Eggers’s introduction to the tenth-anniversary version of Infinite Jest, you know everything about DFW? Think again. D.T. Max’s new biography of Wallace, Every Love Story is a Ghost Story, hits shelves this week and promises to forever redefine how we remember the beloved author. Here’s a few of the book’s revelations.

David Foster Wallace apparently:

—Never considered the crab.

—Meant his “This Is Water” commencement speech to be sarcastic.

—Once took a shit inside Jonathan Franzen’s favorite duvet cover as a prank.

—Was forced by Little, Brown to publish his experimental short stories as “essays.”

—Shot a creative writing student at Pomona just to watch him die.

—Is alive and well, playing tennis under the alias “Roger Federer.”

—Did that supposedly fun thing … again.

—Has a massive chest tattoo of John Barth’s face.

—Finished writing The Pale King but couldn’t fit the entire manuscript in an envelope and didn’t feel like driving to the post office.

—Under his trademark bandana, wore a yarmulke.

Who would’ve guessed it? Time to update Wikipedia!

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