Shepard Fairey’s Wife Blows Up His Spot on Camera

Oops! Shepard Fairey’s wife Amanda, accidentally revealed something to TMZ that frankly, everyone’s kind of known for a while: Fairey no longer goes out on the street and puts up his own works, but hires people to do it for him. Watch the video to see the artist’s face when his wife drops the bomb.

None of that was particularly well-handled by either party, but Fairey could have avoided coming off as a complete douchebag and just rolled with it. Anyone who’s into street art knows the big shots in the field hire people to do this stuff. For a long time, Fairey has been the embodiment of street art’s shift to a more commercialized sphere. His work is on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and angry teenagers’ bedrooms all over the world. Which is fine, but he’s remiss to pretend that he still has all kinds of cred. Plus, if you’re getting covered by TMZ, the illusion’s all but shattered anyway.

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