Sarah Ramos Brings Life to Rom-Com She Wrote at 12 Years Old

Sarah Ramos is a talented young filmmaker to watch. Last year, the Parenthood star made her directorial debut with Fluffy the Cat, a short film produced by LA fashion label, BB Dakota. Her campy sense of humor and stylized eye makes her a witty, inventive writer/director/actress.

Her latest project comes from an unlikely source, her 12-year-old self. City Girl is a romantic comedy written by a preteen Ramos in 2003, following a young women as she navigates running her own boutique, a chaotic love life, and pesky migraines. With all the necessary rom-com cliches and dialogue that translates surprisingly well for a comedic, adult audience, Ramos had a hit on her hands way before she knew what to do with it.

Luckily, she resurrected the script for the world to behold. Watch City Girl below:

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