Sarah Crowner Transforms Nicelle Beauchene Gallery

Here’s a quick remedy for these arctic New York afternoons: Duck into Nicelle Beauchene Gallery and take in “The Wave,” Sarah Crowner’s solo exhibition, on view through February 2. The main space is composed of a series of mostly acrylic-and-sewn-canvas paintings arrayed around a floor of glazed terra cotta tiles (conceptualized as a “stage”) created by Crowner in Guadalajara, Mexico. The artist’s goal, as she explained to me, is to continue to question what even constitutes a painting – in which case, she says, the floor itself can be another type of painting, engaged with geometric abstraction. Crowner’s last exhibition was at Nicelle Beauchene’s former, smaller L.E.S. location. By necessity that meant that her explosively colorful (yet intensely controlled) compositions were a bit crowded in together. “The Wave” gives Crowner real breathing room, and lets her conjure a compelling, cohesive environment all her own (one that you can walk on, and through).


Images: Installation shots of “The Wave” at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery by Jason Mandella.

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