Ryan Wallace, Dmitry Gutov, and the Best of Art Basel’s UNTITLED Fair

The multi-day flurry of openings and parties in Miami has finally come to a close. It’s possible that–among all those free bars, pop-up shops, and surprise Lennie Kravitz appearances–that you missed some of the art being shown at worthwhile satellite events like UNTITLED. If so, we’ve assembled a few of our favorites from this very solid fair, which–along with NADA–makes a formidable alternative to the main action of Art Basel in Miami.

Guillaume Pinard, (Anne Barrault)

I fell in love with this quiet acrylic-on-canvas diptych from 2013: simple, but with the insinuation of something defiantly weird just beneath the surface.

Untitled2Ryan Wallace and Georgia Dickie, (Cooper Cole Gallery)

This Toronto gallery’s booth showcased several artists (including the excellent Joseph Hart, not pictured.) I was especially fond of these new mixed-media works from Ryan Wallace, contrasted with Dickie’s free-standing, found-object assemblages.

UNTITLEDrachelfoullon+ Rachel Foullon, (Halsey McKay)


Halsey McKay co-founder Hilary Schaffner explained that Foullon’s works often take farm instruments for their basic foundations. The end results are curious wall sculptures like this one—elegant and clean-lined, but loaded with a sinister violence.

UNTITLEDgarthevans+ Garth Evans, (Johannes Vogt Gallery)

Speaking of violence—watch your head when walking near Greyhound, a resign, fiberglass, paint, and cardboard sculpture from 1990 whose angular mass juts into space like the sharp nose of a war plane.

UNTITLEDleitha+ Letha Wilson, (Romer Young Gallery)

There’s a glut of contemporary artists who are slicing, dicing, and collaging photographs, but Wilson’s incorporation of heftier materials—which encase or obscure the image—adds an interesting twist to the trend.

UNTITLEDkirkseick+ Nicolas Kerksieck, (Balzer Art Projects from Basel, Switzerland)

The artist bills this sculpture as a “halfpipe,” but clearly the carpet-covered piece has rich potential as the World’s Greatest Cat Playground.

UNTITLEDdmitryDmitry Gutov, (Scaramouche)

Somewhere between painting and graphic design, these text-based works are visually striking and poetically unnerving.

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